(Names were removed for privacy purposes.)

Every time I converse with Dr. Pitts, I am impressed at her way of addressing my concerns. Her knowledge is deep, specific, and thorough. I appreciate her honesty and her delivery. She is wise. I walk away from sessions feeling empowered and more knowledgeable, with a greater sense of self. I enjoy working with Dr. Pitts and highly recommend others to work with her.

This is my first time taking the courage to embark on therapy and I am honored that I was matched with Dr Pitt’s. She has been amazing in presenting me with the knowledge and workable skills for the journey of being my best self. She is compassionate, relatable and professional and I feel safe opening up to her. I would recommend her 100 times. Thank you, Dr. Lauren Pitts.

Dr. Pitts is highly dedicated and professional. She knows how to make heavy things light and still gets to the point with humor and empathy. I would absolutely recommend working with her.

“Dr. Pitts is a God-sent blessing! She is very professional and truly an expert in her field, but also a kind, compassionate and genuine human being. I feel her sincerity in wanting to help me, that she is truly rooting for me to grow into my best self and to lead my best life. Absolutely recommended!”

“Dr. Pitts is amazing and so encouraging. I love her collaborative and holistic approach. She makes me feel valued and positive about the steps I take.”

“Dr. Pitts is a refreshing change from the therapists I have had in the past. She is professional while still being human, warm, and kind.”

“Dr. Pitts is so kind and compassionate. She makes me feel comfortable to express myself honestly, and helps me to see my circumstances through a new perspective. She has catered our sessions to fit my needs and goals, and over the course of our time together I have begun to feel like myself again. I am so thankful for her. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist.”

“Dr. Pitts is my saving grace! She is kind, supportive, attentive, and considerate when listening and responding to my needs. She is also honest and direct which is exactly what I am looking for in a therapist. She doesn’t let things “slip through the cracks” and really focuses on a growth mindset rather than allowing you to remain in a stagnant place. If you are ready to grow and put the work in that it takes to make progress, then, she is your new best friend!”

“I’m glad I didn’t give up. I finally found the right Therapist for me. Dr. Pitts has been both professional and relatable. I look forward to every session knowing I am on a journey of healing with Dr. Pitts’ assistance. I am thankful.”

“Dr. Pitts listens to what you are going through and takes the time to understand your situation. Better still she tries to get you to understand your situation. This enables you to do the work facilitating you to help yourself. This is why I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Pitts.”

“She matched my energy and got right down to helping me figure out my problems. I wanted therapy to be proactive and help me move forward. Dr.Pitts had great ideas and constructive thought processes for moving forward. I recommend her to anyone.”

“Dr. Pitts is insightful, thoughtful, professional, and genuinely passionate about helping.”

“Really warm and kind woman. Would recommend to anyone looking for someone to talk to and feel heard ! Amazing.”

“Dr. Pitts was just what I needed at a crossroads in my life! She is very caring and I would highly recommend her.”

“Dr. Pitts is professional, communicates well and in a timely manner, insightful (her expertise shows), is present in our interactions (listens, pays attention to detail, actively engages), and kind without being patronizing. I’ve been finding it helpful so far and glad to be working with Dr. Pitts.”