(Names were removed for privacy purposes.)

Dr.Pitts is a great and supportive therapist! She is not only knowledgeable, but she is also very caring. This is already the second time I have gone to Dr.Pitts, first for marriage councils and this time for personal therapy. She is significantly knowledgeable about both fields. Thank you, Dr.Pitts, for the support and guide me with positivity toward life.

Insightful, thoughtful, understanding, respectful. Such a lovely woman. I would recommend her to anyone.

Dr. Pitts is so understanding and supportive. I feel like we problem solves together my worries and concerns and she is always there for me.

I find Dr. Pitts very helpful in getting me to see the value of my own self-worth. She has given me articles to read and things to work on outside our sessions. Dr. Pitts shares common experiences with me in a professional way so I understand I am not alone in thinking or feeling specific ways. I look forward to our sessions weekly and enjoy the Journaling (not expected or required). Overall, I feel that Dr. Pitts is helping me find the. “Real Authentic” me.

Prior to starting therapy, my confidence was a bit shaky, I struggled with having an inherent sense of self-worth, and multiple of my close relationships were riddled with confusion, misaligned expectations, and quite a bit of hurt. By working with Dr. Pitts, I’ve developed a different perspective, gained an inherent sense of self-worth, and grown closer to the more consistently solid and positive person I know I can be! In particular, my relationship with my spouse has begun to feel more lighthearted again and is regaining a sense of sweetness, which is priceless.

Dr. Pitts is an exceptional therapist. She is wise and diligent yet approachable, down-to-earth, relatable, and caring. I have learned so much from Dr. Pitts in a very short amount of time. She has given me the skills and confidence to open doors in life that I never understood how to approach. I am grateful to learn from her.

Dr. Pitts has been so helpful and understanding. She walks alongside you and provides practical advice. Would highly recommend her!

Dr. Pitts really knows how to listen, but not only that, she also makes you question yourself and dig down to the root problems. There is structure and deep understanding to her therapy sessions. The aim is clearly to get you back on the right track and be a more loving, tolerant person towards yourself and others. My time with Dr. Pitts was invaluable and I would recommend her without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I found someone who really listens and is willing to help. I would recommend to anyone who have had bad experiences with other therapists, and who are seeking help.

Dr. Pitts is exactly the type of therapist I was looking for. She’s very responsive, honest, and real. She holds you accountable and remembers details you forgot you even shared. She makes you feel heard and seen and that was huge for me. I’ve already recommended her to people but I would do it 10x over. I’ve worked with her for 9 solid months and I am NOT the person I used to be because of her guidance. She’s an expert and is a hoot.

Thank you, Dr.Pitts, you’ve helped bring me back to me.

Every time I converse with Dr. Pitts, I am impressed at her way of addressing my concerns. Her knowledge is deep, specific, and thorough. I appreciate her honesty and her delivery. She is wise. I walk away from sessions feeling empowered and more knowledgeable, with a greater sense of self. I enjoy working with Dr. Pitts and highly recommend others to work with her.

This is my first time taking the courage to embark on therapy and I am honored that I was matched with Dr Pitt’s. She has been amazing in presenting me with the knowledge and workable skills for the journey of being my best self. She is compassionate, relatable and professional and I feel safe opening up to her. I would recommend her 100 times. Thank you, Dr. Lauren Pitts.

Dr. Pitts is highly dedicated and professional. She knows how to make heavy things light and still gets to the point with humor and empathy. I would absolutely recommend working with her.

“Dr. Pitts is a God-sent blessing! She is very professional and truly an expert in her field, but also a kind, compassionate and genuine human being. I feel her sincerity in wanting to help me, that she is truly rooting for me to grow into my best self and to lead my best life. Absolutely recommended!”

“Dr. Pitts is amazing and so encouraging. I love her collaborative and holistic approach. She makes me feel valued and positive about the steps I take.”