Legacy Counseling
& Life Coaching



Dr. Pitts speaks on enhancing workplace well-being and productivity by addressing mental health and stress management. She provides strategies for building resilient teams, improving communication, and fostering a positive corporate culture.


Dr. Pitts focuses on the importance of mental health in educational settings, offering insights on supporting student well-being and teacher resilience. She shares effective techniques for creating a supportive learning environment that promotes academic and personal growth.


Dr. Pitts guides couples to strengthen their relationships through focused coaching. She emphasizes key skills such as open communication, conflict resolution, and empathetic listening. By helping couples navigate challenges calmly and express feelings constructively, Dr. Pitts fosters deeper understanding and connection in their relationships.

Sports Athletes

Dr. Pitts offers expertise on mental strategies for athletes, helping them manage performance anxiety and recover from setbacks or injuries. Her talks emphasize the importance of mental health in achieving peak performance and sustaining a successful athletic career.

Church / Ministries

Dr. Pitts speaks on the integration of faith and mental health, providing guidance on spiritual and emotional well-being. She addresses the unique challenges faced by faith communities and offers tools for fostering supportive, healthy congregations.

Other Groups / Special Request

Dr. Pitts offers her speaking services to empower a diverse array of groups, recognizing the vital roles played by formal organizations like the Girl Scouts, Kiwanis, and PTA, as well as informal groups.  She also emphasizes the importance of mental health within non-governmental organizations, including unions and community-based organizations.