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MENTAL HEALTH "The Crucial Factor in Performance"


Individual Therapy

Increases the understanding of one’s thought and behavior patterns to help increase function and well-being. 

Marriage/Couple’s Therapy

Helps the client express feelings, discuss issues with their partner, and resolve conflicts. Couples therapy can help increase understanding, respect, affection, and intimacy between the client and the client’s partner, which can help the couple be happier together.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help clients improve troubled relationships with their partners, children, or other family members. The client may address specific issues such as marital or financial problems, the conflict between parents and children, or the impact of substance abuse or mental illness on the entire family.

Group Therapy

Groups are designed to target a specific problem, such as depression, obesity, panic disorder, social anxiety, chronic pain, or substance abuse. Other groups focus more generally on improving social skills and helping people deal with a range of issues such as anger, shyness, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

Life Coaching

Individual Life Coaching

Designed to help the client create new connections so that they can see the opportunities before them with a new perspective.

Marriage/Couple’s Life Coaching

Marriage/Couples’ coaching is education and empowerment that supports couples who are in a long-term committed relationship. Couples or Marital coaching may be helpful for partners considering separation, seeking improved intimacy, improved communication, and understanding.

Family Life Coaching

Throughout Family Coaching, the emphasis is placed on educating and empowering family members to improve communication which is beneficial when attempting to resolve or prevent further conflict within the family system. 

Group Life Coaching

Designed to unite, educate, empower, liberate, and excite all those in attendance. Attendees will be taught and encouraged concerning how to make positive life-transforming and responsible choices purposed for multigenerational impact.

Pre-Marital Education & Skills Coaching

The goal of pre-marital coaching is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in the individuals and the relationship early on before those issues become serious concerns.

Youth Mental Skills Coaching

Young scholar-athletes (9th-12th grade) participate in personal mindset and empowerment coaching, peer support, and life-planning processes.

Team Mental Skills Coaching

Team empowerment coaching addresses empowering a team’s ability to organize itself around a leader incorporating four elements: potency, meaningfulness, autonomy, and impact. A potent team believes in its own power and effectiveness.

Why do I need psychotherapy?

Supportive psychotherapy helps patients deal with issues related to their mental health conditions which in turn affect the rest of their lives. Psychotherapy can help when depression, low self-esteem, addiction, bereavement, or other factors leave a person feeling overwhelmed. It can also help treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and certain other mental health conditions.

Why do I need sports mental skills coaching or therapy?

In order to master the mental aspects of their respective sport, professional and student-athletes can benefit from mental skills coaching and/or psychotherapy to address the negative external or internal psychological factors that can lead to mental blocks, breaks in focus, and preparation, poor performance and, at times, injuries to the athlete. Emotional well-being is important to any athlete’s success academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually. Untreated mental health problems result in undue suffering, diminished positive affect and balance in life.

Why do I need a Life Coach?

A personal life coach will not only help guide you, but they will provide you with the support you need throughout life’s journey by developing your hidden potential, increasing your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and reinforcing your skills in order to achieve excellence in every area of your life personally and professionally.