MENTAL HEALTH "The Crucial Factor in Performance"


Topics addressed: Academic underachievement, performance anxiety, anger management, anxiety, behavioral issues, career coaching, grief and loss, childhood abuse/neglect, coping skills, domestic abuse, domestic violence, family conflict, infidelity, life coaching, marital discord, men’s issues, oppositional defiance, peer relationships; racial, ethnic and cultural identity, relationships, school issues, self-esteem, spirituality, trauma, PTSD, women’s issues, impulse control, mood disorders, personality disorders


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Team coaching addresses empowering athletes to take responsibility for their own learning and performances. Athlete empowerment highlights athletes having autonomy for making decisions with the goal of empowering athletes to make choices, develop higher levels of motivation, and learn how to solve individual and systemic challenges that may impede their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, performance or strain their relationships.


$300 per session

Parenting styles evolve from a number of factors. Culture, how one was raised, adopted, and adapted styles shared by parents, as well as career demands, re-marriage, blended families, and co-parenting among many other contributing factors. Conflicts often throw the entire family into emotional turmoil. Throughout Family Coaching, the emphasis is placed on educating and empowering family members to improve communication which is beneficial when attempting to resolve or prevent further conflict within the family system. 


$200 per session

Couples’ coaching is education and empowerment that supports couples who are in a long-term committed relationship. Couples or Marital coaching may be helpful for partners considering separation, seeking improved intimacy, improved communication, and understanding.


$1,400 per package

This is a special type of relationship coaching that is provided with relationship sustainability in mind. It is believed to benefit all couples who are considering a long-term commitment such as marriage. The goal of pre-marital coaching is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in the individuals and the relationship early on before those issues become serious concerns. Partners will be educated and empowered using effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. The Pre-Marital Coaching package includes 8-10 sessions.  


$150 per session

Individual coaching is designed to help you create new connections so that you can see the opportunities before you with a new perspective. Individual coaching is instrumental in helping you to realize you have fresh thoughts. Individual coaching helps you connect the dots in new ways while coming to the realization that you truly are the master of your own life. You will be guided in creating an action plan with Dr. Pitts serving as your accountability partner. 


$100 per hour

Dr. Pitts will assist the participants to gain a better understanding of their own needs and interests and the needs and interests of others and to facilitate agreement among the participants.  Dr. Pitts will help clients find ways of communicating with each other and discussing issues constructively. She will always be impartial, she will not tell you what to do, or give counselling or legal advice.

Therapy & Coaching Packages

1-Month Package

(*requires a commitment of four consecutive sessions @ [1] per week)

Individuals $125 per session
Couples $175 per session
Family $275 per session

This package is for you if you are preparing for a new challenge, getting ready for a new business venture, or gearing up for a minor life transition that may take place in a few weeks.

Package includes: 

3-Month Package

(*requires a commitment of twelve consecutive sessions @ [1] per week)

Individuals $115 per session
Couples $165 per session
Family $265 per session

This is the perfect package for you if you are preparing for a major life transition or project that encompasses all of your goals – financially, personally, physically, and emotionally.

Package Includes:

6-Month Package

(*requires a commitment of twenty-four consecutive sessions @ [1] per week)

Individuals $100 per session
Couples $150 per session
Family $250 per session

This is the best package for you if you are already anticipating encountering a long term and major life transition including but not limited to familial, financial, personal, and professional challenges in the future and are looking for additional support in learning prosocial ways to manage them.  

Package Includes:

Why do I need team empowerment coaching?

The daily pressures scholar and professional athletes experience can result in an exorbitant amount of emotional distress. Time demands, commitment to perfecting their skills, and performance anxiety or frustration can also contribute to increased stress and discord in other areas of their lives. 

Helping players to develop in all areas of their lives: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually is paramount to mental wellness and performance enhancement. Colleges, universities, and major league athletic programs will benefit from the support of Empowerment Coach and Licensed Couple, Marriage & Family Therapist Dr. Lauren Pitts. Dr. Pitts’ services will provide dual assistance designed to improve athletic performance and mental wellness through an integrative, holistic, strength-based, and systemic approach.

Why do I need individual and/or relationship coaching?

Simple everyday stressors can strain any relationship or family. Major sources of stress may threaten the stability of relationships. The added pressure scholar & professional athletes and their families endure can leave families and their members deeply fractured. Most relationship problems are manageable but when challenges are left unaddressed, tension mounts, poor habits develop or resurface, and the health and longevity of the relationship(s) are in jeopardy the result can be relationships ending and families left in ruins.