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say YES! Services

Solution-focused training, programs and services designed to help clients focus on and move toward measurable and sustainable results that improve relationships, strengthen lives, homes, business practices and transform our communities for more equitable and meaningful lived experiences personally and professionally.

Corporate & Small Business Training 

(Virtual and/or In-Person)

Training provides practical, comprehensive instruction within the context of leadership development, workplace relationships, creates strategies and action plans designed to strengthen teams.  Training can be customized to address: 

* Corporate culture & Ethical Leadership

* Diversity, Inclusion & Relationship Equity

* Unconscious Biases

* Sexual Harassment

* Sourcing, Screening & Hiring

* Performance Improvement

* Conflict Management and much more...

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High School Assemblies

Presentations designed with adolescents in mind. Topics include: 

* Dating violence  

* Bullying

* Self-esteem and Self-Confidence

* Interpersonal skills

* Drug & Alcohol use 

* Sexual assault 

* Mental Health 

* Life after high school  and much more!

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Family Centered Groups & Workshops

Training addresses: 

*  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 

* Trauma 

* Healthy Parenting 

* Mental Illness 

* Substance use/abuse 

* Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence 

Workshops are ideal for Educators, Social Service and other community and faith-based organizations, Parents, Co-Caregiver Alliances, Fathers only, Mothers only, and Youth Leaders.

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A talk delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message or most important revelation of your event

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Youth Empowerment Groups

Groups provide vocational guidance and life skills training programs to youth aged 13-19.

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Trauma-Informed School Training

Trauma-Focused training for the adults in the school community, preparing them to recognize and respond to those who have been impacted by traumatic stress. 

*FACT: One out of every four children attending school has been exposed to a traumatic event that can affect learning and/or behavior.

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