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Dr. Lauren D. Pitts​

Adversities = Stepping Stones!


"Turning the adversities of my life, into stepping stones for others"

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Get INSPIRED & TRANSFORMED with Dr. Lauren D. Pitts!

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Dr. Pitts embodies all that she imparts and articulates in her Empowerment Coaching, International Inspirational Speaking  services and literary works. Dr. Pitts is of African American & Caribbean decent, and prides herself on utilizing systemic and strength-based approaches to address the marginalization and disenfranchisement people of color have faced for countless generations. Having embraced her heritage, the principles, methods, and messages she utilizes and shares with clients and audiences are a blend of her professional expertise and personal experience. Dr. Pitts will lead Empowerment Rallies that are designed to unite, education, empower, liberate and excite all those in attendance. Attendees will be taught and encouraged concerning how to make positive life transforming and responsible choices purposed for multigenerational impact. Our goal is to encourage participants to develop the skills and knowledge needed to form and sustain healthy relationships, transformative experiences and our services give participants powerful tools they need to live the lives they love living with positive and healthy outcomes.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING    $150/​each session

This area of coaching deals with challenges that individuals may face relating to self-esteem, self worth, self-confidence and performance pressures etc. Individual coaching can help improve how one sees themselves as well as how they in turn will interact with others and handle they every day stress or life. 

COUPLES COACHING    $200/​each session

Couples coaching is education and empowerment that supports couples who are not married but in a long-term committed relationship. Couples coaching may be helpful for partners considering separation, seeking improved intimacy, improved communication, understanding for those who are contemplating marriage.

FAMILY COACHING    $300/​each session

Parenting styles evolve from a number of factors. Culture, how one was raised, adopted and adapted styles shared by parents, as well as career demands, re-marriage, blended families, and co-parenting among many other contributing factors. Conflicts often throw the entire family into emotional turmoil. Throughout Family Coaching, emphasis is placed on educating and empowering family members to improve communication which is beneficial when attempting to resolve or prevent further conflict within the family system. 



This is a special type of relationship coaching that is provided by with relationship sustainability in mind. It is believed to benefit all couples who are considering  a long-term commitment such as marriage. The goal of pre-marital coaching is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in the individuals and the relationship early on, before those issues become serious concerns. Partners will be educated and empowered using effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. The Pre-Marital Coaching package includes 8-10 sessions.  


Young scholar-athletes (9th-12th grade) participate in personal mindset and empowerment coaching, peer support, and life-planning processes that assist them in overcoming adversities, negative habits and attitudes, and pursuing achievable goals that will establish a productive life, sustaining themselves and their immediate families. 

MARITAL COACHING    $200/​​each session

Marital coaching is education and empowerment that supports couples who are married. Marital coaching may be helpful for partners considering separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding. 

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Simple everyday stressors can strain any relationship or family. Major sources of stress may threaten the stability of relationships. The added pressure scholar & professional athletes and their families endure can leave families and its members deeply fractured. Most relationship problems are manageable but when challenges are left unaddressed, tension mounts, poor habits develop or resurface, and the health and longevity of the relationship(s) are in jeopardy the result can be relationships ending and families left in ruins. 

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