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"Strengthening Families One Solution at a Time"

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Dr. Lauren D. Pitts, EdD, MFT

Family Therapist | Inspirational Speaker | Trauma Informed Care Educational Trainer

Dr. Lauren D. Pitts is a Marriage & Family Therapist providing family therapy services to individuals, couples, families and groups; She coordinates services related to education, employment, housing, behavioral health, medical and financial needs along with professional development training and consultation. She serves the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute of International Education as a Fulbright Alumni Ambassador and was recently added to the Fulbright Specialist roster (a program managed by the U.S. Department of State and managed by World Learning). Dr. Pitts is an Educational Trainer specializing in Trauma Informed Care and is the mother of one son – Andre`, and the host of "HOUSE TALK" w/Dr. Lauren D. Pitts on Blog Talk radio. HOUSE TALK was birthed out of the seemingly endless “issues” that existed in Dr. Pitts' life that weren’t being addressed in her home, the homes of family members, friends and the community at large.

A native of Salem, New Jersey – Dr. Pitts’ formal education, skills in couple and family therapy, and 30+ years of experience mentoring, educating and empowering youth with promise fall short when measured against the odds she faced. Dr. Pitts survived the absence of her biological father, a childhood cancer diagnosis, adult precancerous diagnosis, a history of abuse, sexual assault, and domestic battery. She became a firsthand witness of the loss and devastation caused to families as a result of mental illness, substance abuse, gun violence, poverty and the overall breakdown of the nuclear family. She was faced with what she perceived as endless rejection and defeat and she found herself questioning what would it take to break this vicious cycle, achieve greater levels of success and improve the quality of her life and the lives of others. It is these experiences that propelled her to view life systemically and dedicate herself to finding solutions to combat the life challenges of poverty, abuse, rejection, abandonment, perceived failure and so many other challenges marginalized and disenfranchised and many other persons face. Dr. Pitts’ journey has helped change her perception of failure as a stumbling block to that of a steppingstone. Her failures ended up being a compass of sorts, setting her on a new direction for the accomplishment of her dreams, which in many instances have proven to be much greater than she anticipated. Dr. Pitts learned failure is not a step back or an obstacle, it is a learning opportunity that helps her remain determined on the path to building her dreams and it is her heart's desire to help others achieve their dreams as well. 

Dr. Pitts’ personal background, formal education, training and professional experience afford her the opportunity to remain culturally sensitive, empathetic and closely work with individuals and families of all socioeconomic levels which helps her to achieve success in her efforts to be a change agent and transformational leader. The overall objective of Pitts’ mission is to educate, empower, liberate and transform the lives of individuals and families through the application of strength-based, systemic, holistic, and innovative strategies. Dr. Pitts envisions coordinating, collaborating and connecting individuals and families locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in a way that brings about change – by creating awareness and equipping them with the appropriate tools they need to live the life they love living!

Dr. Pitts is a graduate of Drexel University where she earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management with a specialization in Educational Administration and a master’s degree in Couple, Marriage and Family Therapy. Pitts’ doctoral dissertation was titled “DADS and DAUGHTERS: Understanding African American Fathers’ Perceived Influences on Their Daughters’ Academic Experiences and Educational Outcomes." Her research study sought and successfully provided an alternative view of African American fatherhood that needs greater presence in the literature. Dr. Pitts has received numerous awards and recognition for her work in the areas of: community activism, social justice & equality and clinical excellence. Dr. Pitts’ additional research interests include: ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), Black fatherhood, education policy, domestic violence in the African American community, incest & sexual abuse in African American families, the impact of substance abuse on the breakdown of the African American family, the impact of mental illness on the breakdown of the African American family, PTSD among African Americans and injustice and inequality in African American communities.